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Our company was founded in 1970. At first, the company of Artur Wikiera dealt with uncomplicated service and production works concerning ironwork and machining, and since setting up, the company has been thriving. In the following years, we have been producing machines used for woodworking and later on, supplying Polmos with state-required precise measurement containers.


A very important stage in our activity was starting cooperation with Glassworks in Jarosław (it is now part of a business concern Owens-Illinois), which took place in 1995. In order to meet the demands of this biggest producer of packaging glass in the world, we bought a number of machines, for instance CNC machines, and we have specialized in producing parts for this industry. We can proudly say that we have been cooperating with this enterprise until today.

We also cooperate with other glassworks in Poland as well as all over the world. We are known in this environment for high quality products. Since 2005 we have been the supplier of service as well as parts for Alima-Gerber S.A (Nestle Poland). We are able to perform complicated services which require professional and precise metal machining and this is what we can offer you with pleasure. We would like to invite you to cooperation.

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